Careers at Octane Biotech - Grow With Us


At OCTANE BIOTECH we appreciate people for their dedication, hard work which in turns give the organization its identity and make an endeavor to succeed. It is therefore, a constant effort to provide the best work environment and recruit a team that would take the organization to high place. There is a focus on building our human resources and energizing our people into thinking radically in finding new avenues for growth. OCTANE BIOTECH learn to thrive in a competitive and quality focused environment. Our team consists of member from reputed educational institute. Backed by experience in specialized work our team backs the quality control and the manufacturing process. Hence our research staffs are proud member of a highly experienced and trained team from the industry and we are always in search for promising candidate to develop more. Professional development and interpersonal relationship are accorded a high priority while creating a more congenial and people oriented milieu across the organization.

Training and Development

OCTANE BIOTECH Training programs are development oriented. The training program aims is to develop the personality of an employee by increasing his/her skills for performing the required jobs. We also prepare them extensively for the tough jobs ahead of them at a higher level. Our training is support program that mutually helps both the organization as well as the employees. We target our focus on programmes designed specifically for the job profile while keeping in mind the qualification and the expertise required. There exist a very high and smooth system in the company for arranging regular training / orientation programs for different categories of staff members in production, maintenance, quality control, testing laboratories, product development, sales and marketing. In house training programs are monthly features while we are regularly using the services of outside private and government agencies for imparting training to our technical staff. We also do arrange orientation programs by inviting experts of repute in pharmaceuticals industry. We have a well developed & well equipped PRODUCT MANAGEMENT & TRAINING DEPARTMENT headed by well trained professionals for imparting training to sales and marketing personnel on regular basis on newly launched products, including training on sales and marketing strategies with specific aim at well versed products presentation to the Doctors.